Getting Started with NSLayoutAnchor

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One of the most challenge parts of creating any app is figuring out how you’re gonna lay out the views on a screen. With the addition of more screen sizes it’s not getting any easier but thankfully apple is also offering us more ways to work with auto layout. Here I’m gonna take an introductory look at the new API … Read More

Two Important Takeaways From my First Developer Conference (RWDevcon)

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After two flights I stepped foot in Washington DC for my first developer conference. Excitement is a boring way to describe how I felt about attending my first conference! Meeting the crew that runs¬†¬†at RWDevcon was something I’d been looking forward to since I got the news I won a student scholarship. It’s a two-day conference with an optional fun … Read More

Sets, The Forgotten Collection Type

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How have I been programming for almost two years and never explored the power of sets? It seems that sets are perhaps the forgotten child of data collection or I’m just not the developer I thought I was? Either way, I was recently reading the Swift Apprentice made by the amazing team over on and realized I’d been missing … Read More

What are Classes, Structs, and Enumerations?

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The aim of this post will be to broadly cover topic of WHAT are classes, structs, and enumerations. I won’t be going into how or when to use them but simply how they fit into programming. I’ll be explaining why they’re used and what purpose they serve when creating a program.

How to Use Protocols and Optionals to Reuse TableViews

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As a developer one of the core concepts I’ve picked up on is the importance of reusability. You should NEVER write the same line of code twice! Programming is a constant battle against complexity and that means a healthy balance between readability and fewer lines of code! Here I’ll show you how I’ve taken it a step further by reusing … Read More

The Option to Use Optionals

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Whether you were new to programming or a veteran the introduction of Swift to the world introduced a new concept we now know as optionals. As not only a new comer to Swift but to programming as well I had no idea why optionals made my code “safe.” In this post I’ll share a few ways I’ve found optionals useful … Read More