How to Use Protocols and Optionals to Reuse TableViews

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As a developer one of the core concepts I’ve picked up on is the importance of reusability. You should NEVER write the same line of code twice! Programming is a constant battle against complexity and that means a healthy balance between readability and fewer lines of code! Here I’ll show you how I’ve taken it a step further by reusing … Read More

The Option to Use Optionals

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Whether you were new to programming or a veteran the introduction of Swift to the world introduced a new concept we now know as optionals. As not only a new comer to Swift but to programming as well I had no idea why optionals made my code “safe.” In this post I’ll share a few ways I’ve found optionals useful … Read More

Swift Property Observers

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They’re like a dog that barks when somebody drives by your house in a car or when you go people watching (not that I do that). Of course I’m talking about property observers! We all take them for granted but they contribute to a cleaner code base. Here’s a couple way’s I’ve found using property observers makes my code cleaner.

3 Ways to Keep Your Sleep, Friends, AND Good Grades

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Sleep, friends, and good grades. Pick two or become the first person to clone yourself so that your clone can worry about the good grades part. I realize there’s nothing original about that question. Sometimes it feels like it couldn’t be more true. Add on personal hobbies and/or a business and say goodbye to sleep or friends (or dropout of school). All these different segments in a … Read More

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to iPhone Development

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  Curious about iPhone development? Never taken a single computer science course in your life? I was both of those things when I started learning. I’ll be going over the things I did to learning iPhone development and a few I wish I had. We’ll first start with what the requirements are to begin iPhone Development.


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These are my “whatchamacallits” that I use daily for iPhone development/web development and business. I believe the correct whatchamacallit goes a long way in getting any job done correctly and in the least amount of time.