Sets, The Forgotten Collection Type

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How have I been programming for almost two years and never explored the power of sets? It seems that sets are perhaps the forgotten child of data collection or I’m just not the developer I thought I was? Either way, I was recently reading the Swift Apprentice made by the amazing team over on and realized I’d been missing … Read More

What are Classes, Structs, and Enumerations?

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The aim of this post will be to broadly cover topic of WHAT are classes, structs, and enumerations. I won’t be going into how or when to use them but simply how they fit into programming. I’ll be explaining why they’re used and what purpose they serve when creating a program.

How to Use Protocols and Optionals to Reuse TableViews

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As a developer one of the core concepts I’ve picked up on is the importance of reusability. You should NEVER write the same line of code twice! Programming is a constant battle against complexity and that means a healthy balance between readability and fewer lines of code! Here I’ll show you how I’ve taken it a step further by reusing … Read More

The Option to Use Optionals

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Whether you were new to programming or a veteran the introduction of Swift to the world introduced a new concept we now know as optionals. As not only a new comer to Swift but to programming as well I had no idea why optionals made my code “safe.” In this post I’ll share a few ways I’ve found optionals useful … Read More

Swift Property Observers

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They’re like a dog that barks when somebody drives by your house in a car or when you go people watching (not that I do that). Of course I’m talking about property observers! We all take them for granted but they contribute to a cleaner code base. Here’s a couple way’s I’ve found using property observers makes my code cleaner.

3 Ways to Keep Your Sleep, Friends, AND Good Grades

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Sleep, friends, and good grades. Pick two or become the first person to clone yourself so that your clone can worry about the good grades part. I realize there’s nothing original about that question. Sometimes it feels like it couldn’t be more true. Add on personal hobbies and/or a business and say goodbye to sleep or friends (or dropout of school). All these different segments in a … Read More

Tally Swipe’s Debut

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My First App Tally Swipe

Here it is! My first splash into the app store! Through tons of iterations I’ve come to a single outcome. It’s a very simple concept but I believe anything can be improved upon and that’s what I’ve done.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to iPhone Development

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  Curious about iPhone development? Never taken a single computer science course in your life? I was both of those things when I started learning. I’ll be going over the things I did to learning iPhone development and a few I wish I had. We’ll first start with what the requirements are to begin iPhone Development.


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These are my “whatchamacallits” that I use daily for iPhone development/web development and business. I believe the correct whatchamacallit goes a long way in getting any job done correctly and in the least amount of time. 

I’m Indie can you Spare some Change?

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“Mommas don’t let your Babies Grow up to be Indies.” That’s my modern interpretation of that classic . If you’re unfamiliar with how that song actually goes it says cowboys at the end not indies just for clarification. What does it mean to be Indie? Who can call themselves Indie? I’ll be attempting to explain these things to the best … Read More