Tally Swipe

It’s simply an app for keeping count of anything. The app uses sliding motions to count up and down instead of traditional button taps. Some people might prefer buttons but I found it easier to just keep my fingers on the screen to avoid missing a tap.
During the time I built this app I was also running a window cleaning business which proved to be plenty of counting. We sometimes had large buildings with hundred of windows so it helped a ton! I was able to work out the kinks I thought other counting apps had and build one better made for counting while not looking at the phone screen.
Counting apps are a dime a dozen. I didn’t make a ton of money off Tally Swipe but that wasn’t really my point either. It offered me tons of insight into what it takes building a complete app and putting it on the market. I’d happily do it again and I look forward to making many more apps down the road.

Tally Swipes Home Page

I agonized for a long time making this simple home page. The perfect colors, spacing, animations all took a lot of consideration because I didn’t want it to just work well on the job I wanted to enjoy using it too.