A smiling photo of josh with a rain jacket on.

Who is the blog for?

People who are trying to pick up new skills involving iOS or Rails. Since the world is so connected nowadays I'll commonly connect the two for teaching purposes. My goal is to publish weekly on cool new developments in the community and show how to use them. I'm constantly trying to learn new things so I hope to create very digestible post for complete beginners.

What about you?

"I always loved technology and I never looked back," could've been my story but it goes more like this...

Born in a town on the Northwest corner of Arkansas called Fayetteville. If you're from Arkansas "Woo Pig Sooie". My childhood is full of awesome memories I'm still fond of today. I was lucky to have loving parents and friends that I could stay up late with and eat pizza till we were all sick. My early obsessions contained sports such as soccer, football, and competitive swimming. My weekends were full of SuperSmash on the Gamecube and swimming in the summer time.

Fast forward to college...

I still can't tell you I was an avid programmer yet. I began college as a Biology (Pre-med) major. The freedom to fail, succeed, and choose my own path was refreshing. I joined all the medical clubs and took aggressive steps to advance my future for the first 7 semesters. I loved it! During a single summer I took 240 hours of courses at a private educational facility to become a registered medical assistant. I felt confident that my resume would be ready to apply for med school. But my curiosity would soon push me into a new passion.

When did I begin programming you ask?

It wasn't until after 60 hours of credit I began to explore my affair with programming. Like some people I had ideas for apps but no way to fund their creation or make them myself. Thus my journey to learn and build iPhone applications had a spark. My decision to completely commit was when Apple introduced Swift in 2014.

I'll preface with saying I had casually tried learning Python in high school. I remember as a new programmer feeling overwhelmed by the lack of convention in programming. Since Swift is strongly typed it was much easier to reason about problems and how things fit together. Apple also provided amazing tools like Xcode. The ability to see problems when/before they occurred was game changing for me so I have to credit Xcode for helping me so much.

Aside from Xcode I was blessed to be greeted by a flood of Swift tutorials. I specifically sought out video tutorials of people building applications from start to finish. The key ingredient for me was watching someone else code, hearing them explain, and writing the code myself as well. Building several apps from start to finish was important because I believe it gave me the drive to push through when things didn't make sense and it was never boring.