Ternary Conditional Operator

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Getting rid of if-else statements is what the ternary operator was made for. Once you learn about it you’ll be tempted to refactor all your code. But where would you look to refactor? I’m gonna take you through a quick example of what that looks like. Here’s a bit of ugly code that could be improved A LOT! We’re generating … Read More

Two Important Takeaways From my First Developer Conference (RWDevcon)

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After two flights I stepped foot in Washington DC for my first developer conference. Excitement is a boring way to describe how I felt about attending my first conference! Meeting the crew that runs raywenderlich.com at RWDevcon was something I’d been looking forward to since I got the news I won a student scholarship. It’s a two-day conference with an optional fun … Read More

What are Classes, Structs, and Enumerations?

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The aim of this post will be to broadly cover topic of WHAT are classes, structs, and enumerations. I won’t be going into how or when to use them but simply how they fit into programming. I’ll be explaining why they’re used and what purpose they serve when creating a program.

Swift Property Observers

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They’re like a dog that barks when somebody drives by your house in a car or when you go people watching (not that I do that). Of course I’m talking about property observers! We all take them for granted but they contribute to a cleaner code base. Here’s a couple way’s I’ve found using property observers makes my code cleaner.