Tally Swipe's Debut

November 7, 2015

Here it is! My first splash into the app store! Through tons of iterations I've come to a single outcome. It's a very simple concept but I believe anything can be improved upon and that's what I've done.

Tally Swipe Multi-Counters

Tally Swipe is an improved spin on how people keep counts/tallys of anything. You'll notice its unconventional use of showing multiple counters to a user. You might also notice it has a single slider instead of buttons to tap. These are both simple additions to every other tallying app on the store but I belive it'll call for a better user experience. Everybody counts and most people would like something else to remember the numbers. Tally Swipe won't do your counting but it'll make it simpler especially if you've got multiple things to count. Tally Swipe allows any user to look away and easily know whether what they counted is added or subtracted with sound and vibration features. Here's a few more of the features!



Tally Swipe will soon be available to anybody on the app store. It'll be entering the review process and after confirmation I'll let everybody know. If you'd like to be a Tally Swipe beta tester send me an email to app@kuehnllc.com and I'll add you to the list. Thanks to everybody who helped out along the way. This has been an exciting first journey to submitting this app. I look forward to any criticism and suggestions to make the app better for everyone!

Tally Swipe will keep all of the counters/tallys you need stored away for later us and reference.