October 15, 2015


These are my "whatchamacallits" that I use daily for iPhone development/web development and business. I believe the correct whatchamacallit goes a long way in getting any job done correctly and in the least amount of time. 


  • Sketch 3 Any vector work or animating I do here.
  • Core Animator For iOS animations made easy.
  • QuickBooks Online taxes/financials ect...
  • git-tower Keeps my work safe and organized.
  • Day One Helps me stay sane.
  • MindNode Any type of brain storming and studying I can do here.
  • Pocket For articles I know I'll wanna reread or finish later.
  • Omnifocus For getting things done everyday.
  • Xcode Iphone development.
  • Coda 2 Web development.
  • DeskMD Blogging application with markdown support.


  • Dispatch Getting through emails is made easy with this app.
  • Fantastical 4 This app makes me look forward to putting new appointments into my calendar.
  • Day One See above.
  • Coda See above.
  • Drafts 4 Anything I need written down quickly I put here but its much more powerful than that. Check it out.
  • Dark Sky I use this for weather because it gives me relevant info when it matters.
  • Omnifocus See above.
  • QuickBooks Online See above.


  • Composition Book. More recently I've started writing down things into a physical notebook and not my phone when I need to. I'm a little indifferent about it now but it has its upsides and I'll plan to write about that later.
  • Bose headphones Just my headphones of choice.
  • Oakley Sunglasses If I'm being honest these are a must for me when I go anywhere outdoors.

These are my whatchamacallits of choice. If you've got any questions about them feel free to ask or let me know what you use.