College, A Necessity for Programmers or a Waste?

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Who knew a question with only two possible answers could be so difficult? College is hotly debated among software developers and techies alike for a good reason! If Steve Jobs and Bill Gates can drop out shouldn’t we all try? The truth is for every Steve Job and Bill Gates success story there was probably a million dropouts who didn’t … Read More

Tally Swipe’s Debut

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My First App Tally Swipe

Here it is! My first splash into the app store! Through tons of iterations I’ve come to a single outcome. It’s a very simple concept but I believe anything can be improved upon and that’s what I’ve done.


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These are my “whatchamacallits” that I use daily for iPhone development/web development and business. I believe the correct whatchamacallit goes a long way in getting any job done correctly and in the least amount of time. 

I’m Indie can you Spare some Change?

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“Mommas don’t let your Babies Grow up to be Indies.” That’s my modern interpretation of that classic . If you’re unfamiliar with how that song actually goes it says cowboys at the end not indies just for clarification. What does it mean to be Indie? Who can call themselves Indie? I’ll be attempting to explain these things to the best … Read More