Rails API Token Authentication

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In this post I’m going to be walking you through one way to add basic token authentication to your app. It’s important because in the future you might decide you wanna throttle your API usage to users who might use it excessively and wreck your server. Plus it’s easy to setup so why not? If you’ve been keeping up with … Read More

Rails API Versioning

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Versioning? Sounds like something I made up but it’s a real thing and you need to care about it say’s I! But really, it’s something you don’t wanna forget about if you want to update your API in the future and not upset your users. Just like applications on your phone and computer, it’s common for APIs to receive updates … Read More

Creating a Rails API

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This is the first of many posts I plan to make on writing your very own API using Ruby on Rails. I won’t overwhelm you with any great explanation on this first post. My plan is to use the magic of Rails to create a functional API  quickly and then show you how to make a quality and scalable API in … Read More

Long Time No See

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Almost a year since my last post? yikes. I hate to just walk out like that and return but I have returned with many stories! Unfortunately, most will go unpublished but you’ll get a quick update on my whereabouts. We’ll begin with the birth of my Internship! Last May I took my programming skills from the class to the workplace. … Read More

Animating NSLayoutAnchor Constraints and the Pitfalls Involved

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Correctly laying out an iPhone application sometimes feels like the 20% of a project that takes 80% of your effort/time. That’s why when Apple hit us with NSLayoutAnchor in iOS 9 I jumped on the opportunity to make life easier. If you haven’t spent time using NSLayoutAnchor check out my Getting Started with NSLayoutAnchor (Swift 3.1) article real quick and … Read More

Ternary Conditional Operator

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Getting rid of if-else statements is what the ternary operator was made for. Once you learn about it you’ll be tempted to refactor all your code. But where would you look to refactor? I’m gonna take you through a quick example of what that looks like. Here’s a bit of ugly code that could be improved A LOT! We’re generating … Read More

Swift’s New #selector Syntax Sugar

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The war between Swift’s strongly typed language features and stringly typed parameters took another blow with the release of Swift 2.2. Before Swift 2.2 you’d write code like this Now I don’t disagree that you and I are perfectly capable of coping and pasting the selectors name but that’s not the point. Swift is here to help reduce the amount of human … Read More

Getting Started with NSLayoutAnchor

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One of the most challenge parts of creating any app is figuring out how you’re gonna lay out the views on a screen. With the addition of more screen sizes it’s not getting any easier but thankfully apple is also offering us more ways to work with auto layout. Here I’m gonna take an introductory look at the new API … Read More

Two Important Takeaways From my First Developer Conference (RWDevcon)

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After two flights I stepped foot in Washington DC for my first developer conference. Excitement is a boring way to describe how I felt about attending my first conference! Meeting the crew that runs raywenderlich.com at RWDevcon was something I’d been looking forward to since I got the news I won a student scholarship. It’s a two-day conference with an optional fun … Read More

College, A Necessity for Programmers or a Waste?

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Who knew a question with only two possible answers could be so difficult? College is hotly debated among software developers and techies alike for a good reason! If Steve Jobs and Bill Gates can drop out shouldn’t we all try? The truth is for every Steve Job and Bill Gates success story there was probably a million dropouts who didn’t … Read More